The history of Beatrix’s archery club

The archery club was founded in 1938 and was named after her on the occasion of the birth of Princess Beatrix.

The initiators for the establishment were;

Leo Ebben, Piet van den Molengraaf, Jo de Win, Edir Nekut, Tinus Asveld, Toon van der Schoot, Dorus van der Heijden and Piet Bloks.

A number of them were playing cards on January 31, 1938 in café “In den goeden borrel”, the then café of Leonard Ebben on the Rijnstraat in Acht.

Princess Beatrix was born on that day. There the plan arose to call the archery club, which still had no name, HV Beatrix. That date was then chosen as the official founding date.

Two 28-metre lanes were available at the time in the goal behind the café, which, in accordance with good Catholic practice, were consecrated by Pastor Schepens.

It started with six archers, but the membership quickly grew to fifty. Beatrix joined the “R.K. Handboog Bond” and competed in District 8.

At the time, those competitions were visited by bicycle (Best, St. Oedenrode, Son, Geldrop, Heeze, Leende, Aalst, Veldhoven and Eindhoven). A special bow carrier transported the material at a rate of one dime per bow.

One of those arch bearers was Wim Bloks, later Dutch champion in the 3rd class.