Archery… Our sport Our joy

A top sport for everyone from 10 to 110!

Young or old, able-bodied or disabled, men, women, it doesn’t matter who or what you are, anyone can learn archery. Archery is all about technique, not physical strength. Focus is the most important factor, but beyond the concentration on each shot, an archer must also consider his/her mental and physical condition (fatigue, emotions etc) and his/her environment (people around him, changing weather conditions, etc.).

It is a wonderful way of relaxing in a strenuous way.

Archery is an individual sport

Every athlete is responsible for his or her performance. Of course there is also shooting in teams. The final result for this is, for example, the joint scores of a team.

Our members practice their sport at all levels and disciplines.

Most members are pure recreational shooters but some of the members perform at the highest level. Beatrix is ​​very proud of these members who achieve good results nationally but no less proud of the achievement of each individual archer who improves his or her personal best! The most important thing about the sport is that you enjoy it!

On this part of the website you can read everything about modern archery and what it involves, or dive into the history of the bow. You can also learn everything about how to learn archery yourself.